What makes us Tick

We want to rasie the aspirations and enhance the lives of as many students, young people and early poffessionals

We are a community interest company (CIC), The Student Lottery CIC to be precise.


We are set up to support students and enhance the lives of all students and young people across the UK, supporting those who most need the support. We are a not for profit organisation and all our services are free of charge.


The Student Lottery CIC provides support across three key areas to achieve our ambitions and aims. We run workshops, provide advice and run events to promote and enhance the areas below;

Employment and Careers

Employment rates are lower among students from a BAME background than those from a white background and female student employment rates are lower than males.


With over 10 years of recruitment experience to draw on, The Student Lottery CIC wants to help address this by empowering and giving the correct tools, techniques and training to those who most need it, assisting them to be able to succeed in the graduate job market.

Mental Health

Sadly mental health issues and suicide rates among UK students have increased in the past few years.


27% of students report having a mental health problemwith certain groups such as LGBT students have a particularly high likelihood of mental health problems at 45%.


With little or no awareness and the stigma surrounding mental health, we want this to change.


Better understanding of mental health helps you spot early signs in yourself or others and can help stop any problems before they become serious issues.

We also work mainly with charites and not for profit organisations across the UK to bring about positive change in the student community through grants, donations and sponsorship.


From the lottery we donate up to 40% of our proceeds to good causes while the other 60% of ticket sales makes up the prize pool distributed back to those that have purchased tickets.

The Legal Bit


The Student Lottery CIC is a community interest company registered in England and Wales (registration number 11036333) and operates under 'The Student Lottery' brand, registered office The Apex, 2Sheriffs Orchard, Coventry, West Midlands, CV1 3PP. We are licensed to conduct the lottery by Coventry City Council under license number LN/217000516.


The Student Lottery CIC is a company limited by guarantee so unable to pay dividends and adheres to an asset lock. This means while we can pay (reasonable) salaries to our staff to achieve our aims, the surplus made will primarily be used to benefit our community aims and objectives.